The Dutch Data Design label covers the freelance activities of Mirjam Leunissen,
an Amsterdam-based, data journalist and data visualization specialist with a scientific background in physics and chemistry.

Currently, I spend most of my time at the Dutch national newspaper de Volkskrant, but occasionally I will also advise on, design and build interactive, web-based data displays for a variety of customers, e.g. the Dutch government, academic institutions and companies. In addition, I give public presentations to share my knowledge and to inspire others.

Here are some examples of my interactive visualizations:
(the climate change visualizations won the VOJN best data journalism 2016 award, the spending power predictions visualization won a silver medal at Malofiej 23 and several other visualizations have been shortlisted for the Information is Beautiful Awards 2014/2015/2016/2017)

Occasionally I will also make non-data driven displays, e.g. cover illustrations for scientific journals - view example.

Data visualizations and infographics help to understand and communicate all sorts of journalistic, corporate, governmental, educational and scientific data. A well-designed display provides unsurpassed insight into large data sets, complex processes or elaborate reports. Moreover,
it does not only inform people very effectively, but also engages them in an eye-pleasing and (inter)active way.

Feel free to contact me and to discuss the options if you want to boost your analysis, want to effectively share your knowledge, want to enhance your website or raise public awareness, or want to do something entirely different with data visualization.
I am also an enthusiastic speaker.

In the meantime, check out my resume and Linkedin profile or follow me on Twitter (@dutchdatadesign). Email contact:

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